Women Gone Wild: Intuition:

The Feminine Guide to Fearless Living

In this illuminating book from the Women Gone Wild series, fearless females share stories of how they transformed their lives by learning to tune in and trust their intuition. With trailblazers such as CEO of Unstoppable Branding Agency Rhonda Swan, intuitive and bestselling author Penney Peirce, and thought leaders spanning different industries, lifestyles, and backgrounds sharing their collective wisdom, you’ll learn how to spark the change you—and the world—needs most.

“God and my children ground me. With them behind me I know that I can overcome any obstacles. The give me the strength to fight the toughest battles. “


-Kenya Roberson

Ever had a gut feeling you ignored—only to discover later it was spot on?

Have you ever felt called to one path in life, only to take a different direction?

Are you ready to embrace your intuition and discover the life of your dreams?

From the amazing stories in this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to foster more intuition
  • The price of avoiding your destiny
  • How following the call of your intuition will change your life for the better

Intuition is not one of those "out there" things; it's in us, longing to be used to guide our lives and help us make moves in our relationships, businesses, families, and the world that will create a positive impact for all those that come after us.

In the second installment of the Women Gone WILD! series, the Intuition edition will open your eyes and your soul to the power of listening to your internal compass. With trailblazers such as CEO of Unstoppable Branding Agency and founder of the WGW movement Rhonda Swan, bestselling author of multiple books on intuition Penney Peirce, and so many others sharing their collective wisdom on the fundamental relationship with our inner knowing, these authors are ready to spread their messages to women everywhere that connecting to themselves and other WILD women will transform lives and spark the change they know the world needs.