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Apparel From Top Brands & Retailers

At Elite Garment Distro, we collaborate with top-tier brands and retailers in the USA to acquire a diverse range of inventory, encompassing excess stock, liquidations, buy-backs, shelf-pulls, salesman samples, and irregulars. For vendors, our process simplifies the inventory liquidation, ensuring you recover capital swiftly. For purchasers, we curate a selection of highly sought-after footwear and clothing that guarantees customer retention and repeat business.

For Buyers

Authenticity Guaranteed

Our inventory is primarily sourced directly from manufacturers with verifiable documentation. 

Unbeatable Pricing

Since we work directly with the source, we offer unmatched prices on all our products.

Export Friendly

The majority of our products include a release, and some are explicitly labeled for export only, streamlining the export process.

For Sellers


Transform idle inventory into capital, we offer an efficient and timely solution to convert that stock into cash.

Restrictions Adherent

We rigorously respect all restrictions set on any inventory. If you aim to limit your goods from certain sales channels or require international distribution, we are the answer.

Free Up Space

Free up essential space in your warehouse by offloading outdated or off-season items to us through a swift and hassle-free process.

Driven by Cause

Our why is more than just business. We actively give back by donating over 100k pieces of clothing and shoes every year.

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Net Positive Contribution to the Environment

By prolonging the life of clothing through upcycling, studies indicate a reduced environmental impact of the original chemicals used in their creation. Your company can champion this cause, extending the clothing’s lifecycle by distributing it to other countries for wear or alternative uses like rags, donations, and more.

Why Work With Us?

We Don't Compete With You

Preserving the integrity of your existing sales channels is paramount to us. We’ll work with you to direct goods sold to us towards your preferred locations, ensuring we never overlap with your current market.

Able & Flexible

Our operation is strong, boasting a significant intake capability. With an efficient logistics and sales team, we’re prepared to manage any inventory influx. Additionally, we’ll collaborate with you to determine the optimal payment solution based on your unique requirements and schedule.


Our partners are at the heart of our enterprise. We cherish cultivating enduring, beneficial relationships that consistently exceed our partners’ expectations.

Happy Clients

"Elite Garment Distro is our first choice when we're after in-demand, trendy top brands. Their vast inventory selection paired with consistently competitive pricing sets them apart. We anticipate a long-lasting business relationship with them in the years ahead."
Elite Garment Distro consistently broadens its ties with renowned brands and retailers. As one of our primary suppliers, we trust them to consistently offer premium quality at unmatched prices.


Kenya Roberson


Kenya Roberson boasts over a decade of experience in the wholesale industry. Starting her career styling and selling for Herve Leger, she transitioned into freelance modeling, amassing vital industry contacts. Kenya’s interest in resale led her to a corporate wholesale firm specializing in export, honing her logistics skills. With a deep-rooted passion for the LA fashion scene and luxury brands, she founded Elite Brand Distro, melding export logistics with brand acumen. Her journey inspired a commitment to philanthropy, leading her company to support global humanitarian efforts, including apparel-focused charity initiatives.

In the Media

Our founder is featured in Elle Canada!

“I had a taste for fashion at a young age,” says entrepreneur Kenya, who joined French fashion house Herve Leger and worked for an LA-based wholesale company, which taught her some of the tools she needed to understand the wholesale and export side of the business. “There was a eureka moment when I realized I could merge high fashion and wholesale together and create what Elite Garment Distro is today.”

The company now works with world-famous brands and contemporary labels. “My stock is sourced from the USA and Europe. Some of the countries we sell goods to include Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Bolivia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Australia,” says Kenya.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We collaborate directly with the brands we showcase, ensuring every product we offer is genuinely authentic.

Upon reaching out to us, we’ll provide details of our current inventory, including their specific categories (such as shelf-pulls, overstock, returns, samples, etc.). Some products may come with a manifest, but this varies from one deal to another.

We’ll inform you ahead of time about the products we have in stock that are “new with tags.” For mixed loads, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of conditions beforehand.

Unless stated differently, all our merchandise is dispatched from our main office in Fullerton, CA. This information will be available to you before purchase.