Our Origin

Elite Garment Distro emerged from a desire to bridge the gap between luxury brands and global markets. Recognizing the potential to provide impoverished nations with designer brands they might otherwise not access, we envisioned a platform that would redefine the export apparel industry.

"Doing what you love grows great bussinesses!"

-Kenya Roberson

Our Mission

At Elite Garment Distro, we don’t just trade in garments; we deal in possibilities. We believe that everyone, irrespective of geographical constraints, should have the opportunity to experience and own elite brands. Our partnerships with leading brands and retailers in the USA allow us to provide quality goods at exceptional prices to countries worldwide.

Our familiarity with the LA fashion scene and luxury brands allows us to provide a curated selection of in-demand, trendy brands. Plus, our efficient logistics and keen brand awareness have allowed us to foster enduring, beneficial relationships with our partners.

Our Founder - Kenya Roberson

Kenya Roberson, with more than ten years in the wholesale sector, began her career in the fashion industry by styling and selling for Herve Leger. She later shifted to freelance modeling, building a network of important contacts. Her fascination with resale steered her towards a wholesale corporation with a focus on export, where she refined her logistics expertise. Driven by her love for Los Angeles’ fashion scene and luxury labels, Kenya established Elite Brand Distro. This venture combines her knowledge of export logistics and brand management. Her path in the industry also sparked a dedication to philanthropy, guiding her company to participate in global humanitarian work, particularly in clothing-related charitable projects.

The Path to Empowerment & Growth

Kenya Roberson, CEO and Founder of Elite Garment Distro, is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. She firmly believes that this empowerment has the potential to fuel economic growth. By providing women with the platform to voice their ideas and opinions, we open the door to a fresh and diverse perspective within the workforce. This diversity leads to a treasure trove of innovative ideas that can propel economic progress and prosperity.

“Women have the ability to be just as innovative as men. When women are given the courage to expand on their ideas, we will have more discoveries and innovations.”

-Kenya Roberson

Challenges of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Time Mangement: Balancing the demands of motherhood with those of running a business can be overwhelming. Effective time management becomes crucial to ensure both areas of your life receive the attention they require.


“In order to balance being a successful entrepreneur and being a mother I always make sure to reserve time for both without overworking myself. I have learned to put family first, and always prioritize my time with my kids and ensure I have time dedicated to my business.”

-Kenya Roberson

The Path to Empowerment & Growth

Navigating a world shaped by industry titans and gender biases, narratives emerge, defying conventions, shattering barriers, and weaving new tales. Meet Kenya Roberson, CEO and founder of Elite Garment Distro—a dynamic entrepreneur, an embodiment of empowerment, authenticity, and a catalyst for change within the often toxic realm of fast fashion.

Her journey into the clothing retail industry commenced at a tender age. At 19, she embarked on her career at the prestigious Herve Leger, later navigating the world of fashion alongside Max Azria. Her tenure provided her with invaluable encounters with industry leaders, paving the way for future endeavors.


“The ability to buy something and flip it for more appealed to me. Liquidation was always my calling; I felt it was meant for me.”

-Kenya Roberson

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For over a decade, Kenya has thrived in the clothing wholesale industry. Beginning with Herve Leger, she styled and sold dresses while venturing into freelance modeling, connecting with industry leaders. Transitioning to a wholesale company specializing in exports, she amassed vast industry knowledge, particularly in logistics. Her passion for high-end brands persisted from her time in LA’s fashion scene, leading her to establish Elite Garment Distro. This company not only excels in wholesale and export logistics but also prioritizes strong brand awareness. Alongside her business journey, Kenya’s philanthropic efforts have flourished, extending to both local community initiatives and global humanitarian projects.